Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Rock Marathon in three weeks. Here I come!

Ok, it's official. I am signing up for the Little Rock Marathon which will be on March 15th. I waited to say anything because I hadn't truly made up my mind. I was scared... that I would hurt myself, wouldn't make it, etc. But today, God helped me run 20 miles!!! It was awesome because Tiffany, my running partner, and I met up with a marathon training group. There were easily a hundred people who turned out to run 12 in prep for the half or 20 in prep for the whole. The entire route was planned and they even had a few water stations for us just in case we couldn't carry enough water with us. We met at 6AM, yes I said 6AM. Needless to say, I went to bed by nine... before all of my kids. Then I woke up a little after 4AM to get a good Biblestudy in and a cup of coffee through my system. This worked out great because the day turned out very rainy and ended with the runners soaked to the bone. I would have easily talked myself out of running today if I had waited to see the weather forecast. But I was already two hours into the run when the steady rain hit us. Too late to quit by then. It just reminded me of my run with Michelle in Del Rio where we were gutsy enough to run 13 miles in a thunderstorm. It made me smile. ; ) The only difference was the temperature... it was freezing or at least felt like that since it was in the 40's. I opted for some Starbucks on the way home to warm me up. At least that was my excuse!

So please think of me in three weeks. As you go to church on Sunday, pray for mine and Tiffany's physical, emotional, physcological, and spiritual strength to perservere in another run for Christ. I am so thankful for all of you!

Running for His glory,