Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marathon - Finished!

Praise the LORD! I finished my second marathon. I completed the race with Tiffany in about 5 hours and 24 minutes. It was TOUGH, but so rewarding to cross the finish line. I have been asked several times now why I ran the marathon. For one, I run for health reasons. My Dad had a five way by-pass a year a half ago. His active lifestyle kept his heart strong and surrounded with good veins that kep the blood pumping past the artery blockages. I know that I may have similar health problems if I fail to take care of myself NOW. I also gain weight easily and know that I need to keep an active lifestyle to keep the pounds off. Secondly, running is a spiritual endeavor for me. My first running partner, Michelle, taught me to use running as a prayer time. What a huge blessing I received from her Godly wisdom. Not only do I feel revived physically, I feel refreshed spiritually when I am done. HE is using me to do things I know I could not, nor would want to, do without HIM.
So thanks to all that prayed for me! I really appreciate you lifting me up.

My other updates for March are that Mike and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary on March 13th. Compliments of a friend of ours, we got a gift certificate to a VERY nice restaurant in downtown Little Rock. I even got beautiful roses and a journey pendant necklace (there are seven stones, one for each of us in the family) with some matching earrings.

The next update for March was that I celebrated my 33rd birthday with my twin sister in College Station. The kids had their Spring Break the week of my birthday, so we drove down to my parent's house and celebrated there. Mike was so sweet to let me go. But when I got home on Friday, I found that he baked me a cake so he could celebrate too - even if it was late. The kids liked that, they got more desert!

Can you tell which one is me? Email me if you can't figure it out and want the answer!

Well, the kids and I are finally back home from Spring Break and ready for April to begin. I will write again soon with those details. ; )