Friday, January 30, 2009

Marathon training?

Well, not much has happened since we got settled into our house at Little Rock AFB. We have gotten some pretty cold weather, compared to Del Rio at least. The kids even got their first ice storm- no school - day on Tuesday even though nothing really happened in our area. It was a nice, unplanned, relaxing family day.

My only big news, for this post, is that I found a new running partner who is planning to run the Little Rock Marathon in March. I told her I wouldn't mind running parts of her long runs with her. I would just bail out when I got tired. Well, last weekend we ran over 13 miles. So now, I am considering running the full marathon again!!! Yikes! I have never considered myself a runner. And when I ran my first marathon in San Antonio in November '07, I said that would be my first last. God tends to throw me for loops every now and then. Including now! I was satisfied to never run over a half-marathon again and even then only do that every once in a while just to keep myself in shape. But now I feel like God is encouraging me to run the marathon again. I can tell because I am excited to get out there and run for Him. And if my focus is off, even short runs are painful. With Him, they are breaths of fresh air, literally! Please pray for this hard decision. I have a few long runs over the next few weekends (16, 18, 14, and 20) and will use this to help me determine if I can do it again, by the grace of GOD! I'll try to keep my post updated. ; )

In His Strength,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year to everyone! I am glad to say that the beginning of this year is alot better than the end of last year. All of the kids are doing much better, only a few occasional coughs now. And we have now moved into our new, temporary, 3-bedroom home as seen below. I even included a picture of our new living room. It is much smaller and sparse than before. Yet, I am thankful for God's provisions. Just to give you an idea how much we fill up our new home, Alaizha has to store her clothes in the hall linen closet. I put her underwear and socks in seperate bags to keep them organized and in one spot on the shelf since we ran out of dresser drawers between the rest of the kids. She is a good sport about it. ; ) I had to buy two plastic shelving units to store games/toys/arts supplies with my office stuff and another in the kitchen to store food (there isn't a pantry). I am learning to be content with little as well as with much! Thanks for all the prayers during our transition. I feel like I am home now because we are all with Mike!