Sunday, August 31, 2008

My first blog

OK, OK. So after attending a Beth Moore conference in San Antonio, Texas and meeting many wonderful women, I finally succumbed to the pressure of creating my own blog. I must admit that I didn't think that I would have very much to offer in interest to others. However, I realized that God has given each of us a story. Some better than others, but each a testimony nonetheless. I hope that by sharing my experiences, God will get the glory for all that He has done in my life.
So here goes... I am foremost a Christian who loves God greatly and cannot thank Him enough for the provision He provided on the cross. Without Him, I would be nothing, literally. Second, I am a military wife. I am very proud of my husband, Mike, and his service to our country. Third, I am a mother who is humbled and greatful to God for blessing me with five adopted children. I can't believe He trusts me so much! Fourth, I am a sister to five wonderful siblings whom I love and miss very much being that we are all over the place. I had an eventful and very fulfilled childhood while being loved by two sets of wonderful parents. And lastly, I am a proud Fightin' Texas Aggie (class of '98)-Whoop! It took me six years to graduate college, but I am well rounded in my studies and all the wiser.
As I add more comments to the blog, you'll see that almost everything will encompass one of those areas of my life. I pray that you will enjoy reading and sharing what God is doing in my life.