Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our New Home in Germany

God has truly blessed us with our new home in Germany!

We feel absolutely humbled by God's gracious provisions for our large family. I almost feel like He is giving us enough room to have more kids! We'll see on that one...

We have a master bedroom with an office, living room, kitchen, and bathroom on the first floor. The second floor is 4 kids' bedrooms and a bathroom. The top floor is another small bedroom and a kids's living room/play room. Then the basement has a laundry room, sauna(!), and another shower bathroom that one of the kids uses. In addition, it has a seperate two-bedroom apartment we will eventually rent out. God has richly blessed us! I know I don't deserve it. Each morning I wake up humbled realizing I am living in my dream home abroad.

We are now praying for visitors to come. So feel free to come over and use our house as a resting place in between European travels. "It's free to stay at the Pontiff B&B!"

Here are some more pics of the house. I will include more later once we get curtains and pics up. Thankfully, after 10 days, all the boxes are officially unpacked and put away!!!

Here is a panoramic picture out the back balcony. On the right is a deer farm, too cool!

This is the backyard with a shed/playhouse.

And this blew me away... granite flooring!

This is the kitchen. Enought room for our family of 7 AND guests!
We are so greatful to God for all He has given us. We are anxious and excited to see how He uses this home for His glory!
In Him,