Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Need prayers!

OK. I am desperate and I need your prayers. As most of you know, Mike has been TDY in Arkansas for two weeks. We are in the middle of a move living out of suitcases while staying with my in-laws. And now all five kids are sick! My youngest, Bryan, was taken to the ER on Sunday because he was having coughing fits that lasted over 30 minutes and included him coughing so hard that he vomited three times. Turned out that cough medicine was not working because he had an upper respiratory infection. He is now doing much better, still coughing some, but much, much better. However, last night Alaizha went to bed early with a 103.5 temp. And then all three girls woke up coughing and with fevers. Eli is coughing, but no fever yet. I am trying to get the base clinic to see us, give me advice, anything that will stop whatever is taking over my family.

To add the madness, Mike started his drive home today and didn't even make it out of the city. He is in the car shop trying to figure out what is wrong with the truck and how long it will take to fix.

Please pray for us!!! I don't know what else to do. I'm praying that I can post some better news in a few days. Thanks for being there with me.


Monday, December 8, 2008

The beginning of December brings...

It is hard to believe that three weeks has past since my last update and I feel like that was just yesterday. Boy, time flies when you are busy.

We finally moved out of our house the last week of November and our renters took over on the first of December. That us such a huge sense of relief for us to have someone taking care of our home.

Our family was then blessed to spend Thanksgiving in College Station with my parents, my sister from Florida and my sister from Arizona and their families. We just relaxed - no moving, no cleaning (well, a little), no organizing piles... And we ate!

We came back to Del Rio refreshed and ready to spend the next few weeks unsettled and as guests in my in-laws home. Thank God for them and thier generosity! And their babysitting. The picture above is our last date night out on Friday when we attended our squadron Christmas party. I wanted to go out Texas style!

Lastly, Mike left today for Arkansas to begin training on Wednesday. He is going to get us our new address and secure our temporary house for early January just in time for the girls to go back to school. We should hopefully only be seperated for two weeks. It is still tough though being without Mike. Thanks for the continued prayers through this long transition. We are enjoying it.

In God's Grace,