Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spring Break to School's Out

A few things have happened since our last post.  The first is spending our Spring Break as a family in Turkey.  What an adventure!  Mike was able to get clearances, signatures, and times worked out for our family to fly space available to Incirlik.  Can't beat free airlines!  We stayed on base for great lodging rates.  And then splurged with the traveling and purchases.  Altogether it was amazing!

Our first trip was to Cappadocia.  The cave houses were interesting to see.  

And the trip included a night in a cave hotel.  The kids liked that.  

Something new to experience was riding a camel.  It is very different from a horse - much more bouncy and the fall is greater which increased my fear!  It was worth it to try.  

The second trip we took was to see the seven churches of the Apocolypse (the seven churches mentioned in Revelations).  It was cool to see where Paul and some of the Apostles had been.  

This is Pamukkale.  It is a hot mineral spa near the ruined Roman city of Heiropolis.   

We had so much stuff coming back that we thought we were going to have to take two trips to get home.  I masterminded a way to get it all in for one trip.  We had to sacrifice alot of leg and comfort room, but we  made it. 

It was and amazing trip!  I am so thankful that Mike took the time and patience to arrange everything so we could see Turkey.  The kids and I will never forget our adventures there.  

Once we got home from that trip, we vowed to wait a while before going on another one.  School gets out next week and we are not planning anything until July.  We have a few local things planned.  But our big summer trip will hopefully be accompanying Mike back to the states for his TDY in Florida.  We are praying about HOW to get out there.  We'll see.  

Lastly, we finally said goodbye to our home in Del Rio.  We were blessed with it for 7 years and finally passed it on to another family.  We will still be back to visit.  But thankfully, I do not have a heavy burden on our shoulders to worry about that home.  I am grateful to be a single homeowner again.  God is good in all of His provisions for us!  

The summer chapters will come next...  

In Him,

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Lisa said...

You have to post a close up of the kids! I can tell they've grown so much since we last saw them, but couldn't see their faces really well :o) Glad you had a blessed trip!